Henrico County Virginia: What You Need To Know

Henrico County

Henrico County is one of the oldest counties in the state of Virginia. It is among the original eight shires of Virginia as established by the British settlers back in 1634. It has evolved over the years into ten counties and three independent cities.

The county borders Richmond city to the north, east and west. It is home to the Richmond International Airport and the Richmond International Raceway and a number of high profile corporations.

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The county of Henrico is home to just over three hundred thousand residents. This population is made up of a rich mix of people from different ethnic backgrounds including, white, black and Native Americans among others.

Top Attractions

Henrico County is home to a number of impressive attractions regularly visited by both residents and visitors from outside the county. Top attractions include those listed below.

Richmond International Raceway

The Richmond International Raceway, abbreviated as the RIR attracts and entertains motor-sport lovers, year in year out. The raceway usually hosts IndyCar and NASCAR events each year. Known to host all its events under the lights, the raceway can hold over ninety seven thousand spectators.

Innsbrook Business Park

Located on the western part of the county, Innsbrook is made up of prominent commercial, residential and retail properties. The 850 acre development was initiated in the eighties and contributed a lot to the appeal and appearance of this part of the county.

Richmond International Airport

As previously stated, Henrico County is home to the renowned Richmond International Airport. The airport is ranked as one of the best of its class in this part of the country due to its modern facilities and strategic location. It is in close proximity to a number of attractions including Williamsburg, Washington DC and Virginia Beach among others.

Willow Lawn

Opened back in the mid fifties, Willow Law is rated as the oldest shopping mall in Henrico County. The mall is located on Broad Street and Monument Avenue.

Short Pump Town Center

The name Short Pump is used in reference to an area located in the western part of Henrico County. The Short-Pump Town Center is a high end shopping mall located in an area that previously housed a tavern and pump years past.

Whether you are planning a move to Henrico County, or a simple visit, the above information will give you a great idea of what to expect when you actually set foot in this part of the country.